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Vitamin Bridget on San Isabel Island, Florida

Vitamin Bridget is a Texas transplant and personal trainer living in Orange County, California.

Bridget was born in Burbank, and moved to Dallas, Texas when she was four years old.  Living among cowboys and horses, she quickly adopted the Texas lifestyle, riding horses just two years later!  Bridget showed horses in Western Pleasure, and even assisted in training and breaking American Quarter horses.  Forever the cowgirl, her proudest moment was at 10 years old,  getting her very own engraved, handmade, hand-carved saddle.  It now sits front and center in the living room of her Orange County beach house.

You can take the cowgirl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the cowgirl!

In 2003, Bridget moved back to California for college, and ended up living near the same beaches her family used to vacation at.  Living so close to the waves helped with Bridget’s love for the outdoors, with so many great activities and sports available, and such great weather to enjoy them in.  All of the sunshine and exercise began to melt Bridget’s schoolwork stress away, and she could tell that she was beginning to change as a person.  She could feel the joy just washing over her.  She fell in love with her new healthy, beach lifestyle, and decided to make a career of it.  Two years later, she was a personal trainer!

It’s been more than 10 years since Bridget made the move to California, and although she misses Texas every day, she’s able to send all of her beautiful photos of sunsets and waves to her friends and family back home.  Even if just for a moment, they’re able to be here in California with Bridget, and it’s like they’re watching the sunset, too.

In 2013, Bridget created her blog,, so her friends and family back home could log on and visit whenever they needed some sunshine, even if they’re chained to their desks at work!  With this blog, Bridget hopes to motivate, inspire, and spread a little joy all over the world…from the beach!  She believes that if she can motivate just one person to get up and move around, or smile and feel happier for just a minute, then she’s done her job.



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