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Posted on May 27, 2014

Find Your “You” Moments!

Find Your “You” Moments!

Find Your You Moments!  | #fitness #sunshine #beach #cali #california #exercise #inspiration #happy #cowgirl

I found this chair  headed down south along Pacific Coast Highway .  Could I have found a more perfect spot to sit? Jack Pot!  No one was around , it was silent, sunny, and I could hear the waves crash.  As I sat there, I wondered who last sat in this chair? What was on his mind? Did he see this exact view differently than I did since our perception of the world is different to all of us? As the sun was hitting my face, I was stoked that this chair was randomly  here to sit down and relax on! I was given the chance to take in the gorgeous view and had some time with my own thoughts and breath.  I hope many others that came across that chair , were  able to get some time with themselves and their  surroundings as well. The universe has funny ways offering inner peace, and the opportunities to admire its beauty. Looking back,  I really didn’t have a choice that day. The world pretty  much made my heart lighter, my mind clearer, and my soul happier, with waves crashing, the shining sun, and a chair in the middle of nowhere.  |VitaminBridget

I want to hear from you guys!!! Have you ever came upon a random sitting spot where you could just let go and have a “you” moment? Comment or share below with me your favorite spots that you found or still escape to!!



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