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Posted on Apr 19, 2014

Why Running on the Beach is The Best Way to Wake Up

Why Running on the Beach is The Best Way to Wake Up


Rise and Shine and Wake Up Happy!

Why Running on the Beach is The Best Way to Wake Up  | #fitness #sunshine #beach #cali #california #exercise #inspiration #happy #cowgirl   Waking up is always hard to do.  Even as a fitness guru getting up for me can be hard. So what can I do to “want” to get out of bed? I chose the beach! You would be surprised just how your eyes naturally widen when the morning sun hits your face, your feet touch the sand and you feel the energy of the waves. Not only will  start your day off amazing and create gorgeous legs but it is a really great and  safe way to get a workout. Jogging in the sand is a lower impact exercise  and can be better for your knees and joints.

Remember fitness is a marathon not a sprint. Start slow. Go down to the hard sand where the waves crash and start jogging. You can always increase your speed but if your a beginner then I recommend starting slow. Once you master the hard sand, your ready to push it up a notch! Go ahead and do your run in the soft sand. Your feet will dig deep in the sand creating a resistance like feel. The soft sand will also make you feel less balanced which is when you just engage your core and focus on balancing while running. So now not only are you getting a great cardio workout, but you’re actually strengthening the joints in your ankles and you will create a love/hate relationship with your legs. Your legs will definitely feel sand workouts as soon as you begin them and crave them if you stop! I cant express enough how much I love jogging in the sand. I feel better because of my natural surroundings, I get in a great workout , and if I get too hot, I can always jump in the ocean! I highly  recommend the ocean dip  to complete my jog. Its just another great reason to get out of bed. Its a win win!! And don’t forget to bring your pooch on allowed beaches. They would love the exercise, smells, and energy of the sea too. Both you and your furry friend will feel great all day long!




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